Volume 17, Issue 9 1901E
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Report of the Advisory Forum Task Force on Data Collection and Data Modelling

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Corresponding Author

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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Jesus Alvarez-Pinera

Jesus Alvarez-Pinera

Task Force Member who contributed while the UK was still a Member State of the EU.

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Flemming BagerMilo BystrickýSusanne Ditmann Rasmussen

Susanne Ditmann Rasmussen

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First published: 17 September 2020
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Requestor:EFSA Advisory Forum
Question number:EFSA-Q-2020-00494


This report of the European Food Safety Authority Advisory Forum Task Force on Data Collection and Data Modelling presents the outcomes of the discussions of the Task Force related to data collection and reporting processes, data models, IT infrastructure and data analysis. The objective of the Task Force was to deliver strategic recommendations to EFSA, to the European Commission and to Member States on food chain safety data, theirmanagement and use.The report includes summaries of initiatives and recommendations flowing from other discussion groups which are of relevance to the topic and context, e.g. the European Interoperability Framework. The report also contains the resultingvision of a future ideal food safety system, conclusions and recommendations foridentified quick wins, short-to medium-term and long-term actions.